About Me

I started blogging because I needed a hobby. Like, a legitimate hobby that wasn't reading or watching Netflix. For a few years now I've been really into blogging - that is, reading other people's blogs. Since I loved it so much, I thought to myself, why not actually DO it? The first couple times I failed miserably. This is my third? fourth? blog, but I think I'm ready to commit. That is, if you're ready and willing to read it.

I'm writing about things I like because what else would I write about? On my blog you can find posts on favorites (which include beauty, people, books, movies, FOOD), baking, thoughts, and life in general. I'm excited to see where this blog will go, but for now...I'm just happy to be here.

And now, 50 Random Facts About Me, because people are naturally curious. I'm here to satiate your curiosity. Also people like to talk about themselves. You're welcome.

50 Random Facts About Me

1) My name is Margaret. But you can call me Maggie.

2) I live in the United States of America.

3) I love making lists.

4) I am an introvert.

5) I'm 5'10''.

6) I have an older sister, a younger brother, and a golden retriever named Lucy.

7) Dogs are my favorite animal.

8) I don't have a favorite color.

9) I love acting.

10) My male celebrity crushes are Tom Hiddleston, George Clooney, and Mark Ruffalo.

11) My female celebrity crushes are Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, and Audrey Hepburn. (Also Jennifer Lawrence. And Emma Stone. Meryl Streep, anyone? Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss may or may not be a part of this list as well.) 

12) I have no allergies.

13) When I was younger I wanted allergies (and glasses) because most of my friends had them and I felt left out.

14) I LOVE sweets - baked goods, ice cream, candy, you name it.

15) I am a neat freak and I love to organize.

16) In high school I played volleyball all four years, and softball for two.

17) When I played softball, I took a line drive to the face and sported a goose-egg and several stitches for about two weeks.

18) Two years later a wooden bench swing fell on my head and I needed seven staples to keep my scalp together. I got them out just in time for high school graduation.

19) I HATE going to the doctor's. I get really uncomfortable and I hate needles. (You can imagine, now, how traumatic facts 17 and 18 were for me.)

20) I've never been to Disney World. Or Land.

21) I know basic chords on both the ukulele and guitar.

22) When I was younger, I hated my hair because it was red and curly and all my friends had manageable blonde or brunette locks.

23) I love my hair now! (Most days, that is)

24) I like to plan and throw parties.

25) I almost always overthink things.

26) I don't like to open up and talk about my feelings.

27) I wish that I liked to open up and talk about my feelings.

28) I don't like coffee.

29) I like horror movies, but not gory horror movies.

30) I am afraid of heights.

31) I've been out of the country once on a two week tour of France.

32) I want to be fluent in French. Aside from basic French (and I mean basic) I don't know it very well and can't speak it very well.

33) I love to travel.

34) Countries I want to visit are South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and India.

35) I used to be OBSESSED with horses.

36) And fairies. I loved fairies as a little girl.

37) I have blonde eyebrows and eyelashes and I think mascara looks HORRIFIC on me.

38) I wish I could say I love healthy food, but alas, I really love carbs. Bread, pasta, potatoes in any form...

39) I'm not flexible...but I'm working on it.

40) I have really pale skin, so I burn easily in the sun. Sometimes I even burn through the car window. And no, it doesn't turn into a tan after a few days. It returns to its whiter than white color.

41) Since I burn so easily, I'm paranoid about getting skin cancer. I always make sure to wear sunscreen to keep my skin protected.

42) I love musicals, both the film and theater variety.

43) I'm not a morning person, but I wish I was.

44) My favorite scents include brownies baking in the oven, freshly cut grass, lavender, laundry detergent, and garlic bread.

45) I love pickles.

46) I used to take piano lessons and was fairly decent. I quit in 5th grade.

47) I look forward to having children and starting a family.

48) My birthday is September 19th.

49) My zodiac sign is Virgo.

50) Jimmy Fallon and I share a birthday and I just feel like that's significant.

Leave a comment sharing a fact or two about you! I want to get to know you just as much as you want to stalk me.


  1. Hey!

    I think this is a lovely introduction to your blog! Although the making of lists is convention in the blog world, I haven't seen many people do it on their 'about' page. It is refreshing and appropriate; I feel like we're friends.

    You mentioned how you started blogging as a hobby- look at you nearly two years later still at it! Goal achieved!


    1. Thanks for this comment! I'm slowly but surely getting better at this whole blogging thing. Feels pretty good.