Monday, April 3, 2017

Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Notebooks

I have a long-standing relationship with Rifle Paper Co. What I really mean is that I have the kind of relationship where I just stare longingly at all their products and have never actually bought anything. Alright, alright, I'll admit it. It's not a relationship. I'm a full-blown Rifle Paper Co. stalker.

However, in recent trips to Target I've spotted this Botanicals Notebook Collection by Rifle Paper Co. in the Stationary/Gift section, and eventually I couldn't resist. I bought it. It's official! Congratulate me! I'm in a budding relationship with Rifle Paper Co.

The collection is a BEAUTIFUL three-pack of notebooks. It came strung up like a perfect, flowery package, and the floral design is slightly different on each notebook.

The collection contains one red notebook, one faded sea-green notebook (??? is that a color? if not, it is now), and one dusty pink notebook. Each one says "Notebook" on the front in shiny gold letters, and the inside pages are all identical lined paper with different floral stamps at the tops of the pages.

If you're not a completely selfish monster like I am, this is the perfect gift to give to someone - either as three separate gifts to three separate people, or as one gift to one stationary lover. Though I've just unnecessarily added to my growing collection of notebooks and journals, I plan on trying my hand at bullet-journaling, and I thought one of these notebooks would be perfect for it.

Let me know what Rifle Paper Co. products you like or use, and if you're as obsessed with them as I am, you can click HERE to visit their website to check out their collections and products!

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!