Monday, January 30, 2017

La La Land: One Movie, Lots of Feels 

Everyone and their mother has at least heard of La La Land, if not seen it multiple times already. I remember when I first saw the trailer; I went to see Bridget Jones' Baby (hilarious, by the way) and it was in the lineup of previews. When I heard Emma Stone singing a shortened rendition of 'Audition (The Fools Who Dream),' I fell in love.

Fast forward a few months, and La La Land came out everywhere it seems but the theater in my hometown, which was where I was at the time for Christmas break. Then came the reviews, one after the other, praising the music, praising the actors, praising everything about this magical film.

This past weekend, a couple of my friends came down to visit and we took the leap; we finally went to see La La Land. I had listened to the soundtrack on Spotify in preparation for seeing it (and by "listened to the soundtrack" I mean I had it on repeat for a full 24 hours), so by the time I actually sat down to watch the movie, I was already pretty much in love with it.

Aside from the overall magical, romantic plot line, I wanted to share with you why I loved La La Land so much, and why you should go see it if you haven't already.

One of the things that makes this movie stand out so much for me was the overall visual effects. From the wardrobe to the set, the colors in the film are rich, bold, and bright, and make for a very pleasant viewing experience. Even the moments of fantasy looked so, so lovely and artistic and colorful that it only played up the dream-like, magical style of the movie that much more.

I mean, it is a musical. If you're a jazz fan, HOW have you not seen this film yet? Like I said, just listening to the soundtrack beforehand made me fall in love with the film. I'm also one of those people who are ridiculously moved by a good piece of music, so from the moment Emma Stone opened her mouth to sing 'Audition' until the end of the film, I had a steady stream of quiet tears pouring from my eyeballs. Speaking of Emma Stone singing, her somewhat breathy voice is probably the sweetest sound that I ever did hear. And of course Ryan Gosling can sing. Of course. That man is perfect. John Legend makes an appearance as a character as well, so there's that. Even if you're not a huge fan of musicals, the music really is an enjoyable part of the film.

La La Land also has phenomenal actors. I love me some good acting, (I mean, I guess who doesn't, right? I've never heard anyone say they like sub-par acting) and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling did just that. Aside from the fact that they are two wonderfully talented actors on their own, the chemistry that they have together is beautiful. If you don't believe me, just look at the mountain of awards they've already piled up. Not to mention both Emma and Ryan are nominated for Best Actress/Best Actor for the 2017 Academy Awards (along with 12 other nominations for the film).

Finally, what I think tugged at my heartstrings the hardest while watching La La Land was the message that the film conveyed. It's about two young people chasing their dreams, and, ultimately (spoiler alert) achieving those dreams. But more than that, it's about rejection and failure, and getting back up and trying again and again. It's about continuing to strive for your dream, even if people say your crazy, even if people put you down and tell you you're foolish. It's about being passionate about something and never letting anyone stand in your way. It's about creating art and music and it's about dreaming and pursuing those dreams and it will be a favorite of mine, I think, until the day I die. Not to be dramatic.

So there you are! If you're in the mood for a funny, romantic, uplifting musical comedy and you are one of the few people in the world who hasn't seen La La Land, I highly, highly  recommend it. Go with your friends, your family members, your significant other, yourself, whoever. Just go see it. And then watch the Academy Awards on Sunday, February 26th to see La La Land swipe the board and just win everything (at least, I'm hoping).

Let me know what you thought of La La Land if you have seen it, and if you have any other movie recommendations for me that you've seen recently, I'd love to know! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I wasn't really interested in seeing La La Land because I wasn't entirely sure what it was about - but now I definitely need to take the time to see it! This was an awesome review, it can sometimes be hard to talk about a movie without giving away more of what happens in it!

    1. It was so lovely. I couldn't recommend it more.

  2. I'm so sad that I haven't seen this movie yet still!

  3. I enjoyed the film and the songs are ridiculously catchy and I did love the production design as well, but I think I must be in the minority because for me the film was good, but I don't want to own it on DVD which means it didn't amaze me...

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I guess it's not for everyone! That's okay, though. If you're not going to buy it on DVD that just means there are more copies for me to buy. ;)