Friday, December 9, 2016

Holiday Dorm Decor

Finals are upon me, so naturally instead of studying I'm taking photos to make this blog post. I thought that since I did an Autumn Dorm Decor post, I had to do a Holiday Dorm Decor post. Like, I HAD to.

I love the Christmas/Holiday season, and it just wouldn't be the same without some decorations to spruce up my bland dorm room. Last week when I went home for Thanksgiving break, I gathered up my Christmas things from last year and stuffed them all in a bag so I could bring them back to school. So, without further ado, please enjoy and gather inspiration from my holiday dorm decor.

The first thing I have is, yes, another cheap garland from the dollar section at Target, again held up by Scotch tape. But hey, it sparkles and says "Merry & Bright." It's lovely.

And of COURSE I have some festive gel window cling-ons. I have some for every holiday. Prepare yourselves. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without some Christmas lights! I have colored ones strung around a wire shelving unit and they are the prettiest. Personally, I like the warm-toned lights. LED lights are just a bit too harsh for me.

You hypocrite, Maggie. You just said LED lights are too harsh. I know I know, but the blue, battery powered LED lights that I have strung around my mini-Christmas tree are nice. They're small enough that they aren't overpowering or harsh. Plus blue is the color that my mother bought me, so, there you go. 

Everyone needs a stocking, right? Even if there isn't really a point to having one in a dorm room other than the fact that it just looks really festive. My mom got this for me last year for my dorm room, and she also got a sparkly "M" to accompany the stocking. 

And of COURSE, last but not least, my jar of candy canes. I'm more of an original minty-flavored candy cane kind of gal, no cherry flavors or Jolly Rancher candy canes for me. I put them in an old mason jar and they are slowly disappearing, day by day. If you'll notice, I had to put some on my mini tree because there simply wasn't enough room in the jar!

And there you have it! Let me know how you've decorated for the Holidays, or what your favorite part of the Christmas/Holiday season is, and click here for a post on my Top 10 Christmas Movies!