Saturday, September 24, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Happy Fall!

Though the first day of fall was a couple days ago, I thought I'm still within an appropriate time range to post a "Happy Beginning of Fall" photo.

I am VERY ready for the leaves to start changing, for pumpkin patches and caramel apples, and for chunky scarves, booties, and cool autumn days.

In celebration of all things fall, here's a cheeky THROWBACK picture of me when I was little, prancing around a pile of pumpkins holding my Teletubby toy by its little antenna. (Which one is the purple one? La La? Dinky-Winky? Popsicle? Are these even Teletubby names?!) Also note my old dog, Blue, prancing behind me. We were a prancing-prone family.

Cheers to a fantastically colorful fall!

Leave a comment telling me what your favorite childhood television show was! Also, if you remember the names of the Teletubbies, that would also be great. Thanks for reading!

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