Saturday, September 10, 2016

Autumn Fashion Wishlist

It's FINALLY September, and even though the weather is still quite warm, I'm thoroughly convinced that if I start wearing warmer clothes the weather will cool down and that crisp autumn air will finally be upon us.

Autumn is the best time of the year. Yes, I went there. I've officially declared Autumn as the best time of the year. Besides Christmas. But anyways, I love autumn. The air, the fashion, the colors, my birthday, the PUMPKIN SMELLING EVERYTHING. It's all so great. 

Thinking of autumn also has me thinking of how I really need some fall staples in my wardrobe which also has me thinking of how I have no money because I'm a broke college student. So instead of breaking bank and buying all this stuff, I thought for now, it'll have to do to simply share a wishlist of some autumn fashion pieces that I really wouldn't mind having. 

To start, I've been eyeballing this star sign pendant from Anna SacconeJoly's jewelry line on Stilnest. Though it's not necessarily autumn-related, I thought I'd throw it in because they are absolutely beautiful AND I WANT ONE. I love both the gold and the rose gold one, so if the time comes for me to buy one I don't really know how I'll choose. Nevertheless, I'm a Virgo so this is what the pendent looks like. 

Rose Gold

Next, an absolute necessity for the autumn wardrobe - SHOES. I am in desperate need of some booties, so I've found two pairs that caught my eye, one pair from ModCloth and the other from a website called Altar'd State. I've also included some GOLD SPARKLY KEDS because I love sparkles and I love shoes. These ones are the ones by Kate Spade on the Keds website. 

Altar'd State



Next, tops. And by tops I mean fuzzy warm turtle neck sweaters. I love simple, easy to wear sweaters, and turtlenecks are the epitome of autumn chic. I've found three, two turtlenecks and one mock turtleneck, all from H&M.

Jackets are a thing that I'm obsessed with. The first one I picked is a Barbour jacket from Nordstrom. I love the layered, casual look of these jackets, and layered and casual is my autumn style goal. Next I included a Bomber jacket from Asos. Bomber jackets are cool and I am not. If I put one on, I will be cool. So there's that. 

Barbour from Nordstrom
Bomber from Asos

Finally, I have a skirt from Asos. I'm not a huge skirt person, but I want to be. I want to put more effort into my relationship with skirts. This one is a button-up denim skirt that would look great with a sweater and some tights and booties, with a tight tee and some sneakers, or with a cardigan, leggings, and tall boots. 


So there you have it - my autumn fashion wishlist. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite season, your favorite part of autumn, or what items you have on your autumn fashion wishlists! 


  1. Love the style you write in and your blog! I have the Anna Saccone necklace in gold and it is so gorgeous, I wear it will everything! X

    1. Soo jealous of you! I need to save up for one of her necklaces, I just absolutely adore them!

  2. Ah this is absolutely gorgeous - love this and cannot wait for the colder days and start wearing snuggly jumpers! :)

    Layla xx