Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Family Vacation on Madeline Island

As promised, another blog post! That's an additional 1,000 blogger points to me, wouldn't you say?

About a week ago my family and I took our annual camping trip to Madeline Island. We've been going for 6? 7? 8? years (we haven't kept track very well) and we absolutely love it up there. If you aren't from the good ol' Midwest or have little to no knowledge of the geography of America, Madeline Island is a tiny island off the coast of Northern Wisconsin on Lake Superior.

We camp at the Big Bay State Park, which is the nicer of the two campgrounds on the island in our opinion, and during the day we hike, swim, bike, explore, relax on the beach, and eat great campfire food. (S'MORES ALL DAY EVERY DAY.)

This year we were there for five days and four nights. With no camper in our possession at the moment, we sleep in two large tents. Me, my brother, and my sister sleep in one and my parents and dog sleep in another, which works out perfectly for us. (Though my mother will tell you time and again that she wants a "cute camper" to camp with. ???)

If you have any specific questions as to what we do when we go camping, leave a comment asking below! Or, if you have been camping, leave a comment telling me where you go or where your favorite place to go camping has been! Otherwise, please enjoy the following pictures I took on my brand-spanking new Canon T6 (see previous blog post) while we were there!

Excited brother.
Excited me. Mom in background.

The ferry that took us over to Madeline Island.

Rich, retired people on their fancy sailboat.

Driftwood. Duh.

Taken courtesy of brother.

Regal pup. 

To clarify, we did NOT have to use.
Yoda wisdom on island.

Sun too bright for sister. Also - water was swimmable temperature! 
Found a rock with dog's name on it. Photoshoot ensued. Dog was not interested.

No boys allowed.
Brother cliff-jumping. Running man pose. Channeling his inner-Olympian.

Dad being reflective. Not. Dad just staring at water. 

Stormy day. Big waves. 

Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading!


  1. I love this place.
    Good vibes, FOX
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  2. These pictures are absolutely amazing! They capture this trip so beautifully! Such a cute family!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com