Tuesday, July 19, 2016

20 Simple Things to be Happy About #3

1) Having a job.

2) Coming home from a long day at work.

3) Payday.

4) Eating fresh, homemade pie.

5) Organizing.

6) Clearing out my wardrobe.

7) Catching up with friends.

8) Being cozy on a rainy day.

9) Cooling off on a hot day.

10) Buying fresh produce from the farmer's market.

11) Squeaky cheese curds. (Wisconsinites, unite!)

12) Re-reading a favorite book. (Harry Potter, ammiright?)

13) Camping.

14) Being prepared.

15) Having the house to myself.

16) Having my whole family home.

17) Air conditioning.

18) Face masks.

19) Lathering up with lotion after a shower.

20) Having clear skin.

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