Saturday, March 5, 2016

Blogging Inspirations

If you've checked out my "Maggie Who?" (a.k.a. "About") page, you'll know that I was very much into reading blogs before I actually started one myself. These blogger ladies are the wonderful women who inspired me to begin blogging. Hopefully after reading this, they'll inspire you just as much as they do me.

And now, without further ado, my blogging inspirations.

1) Estée Lalonde 

I found Estée through her YouTube channel, Estée Lalonde, previously known as EssieButton. She is a Canadian living in London, and she makes videos and blogs on beauty, food, fashion, and lifestyle. She has a book coming out called Bloom, and she's frickin' hilarious - not to mention cheeky and gorgeous as well. I don't ever use the word 'bae,' but Estée is bae material, people. I love her to death. 

Check out Estée's blog by clicking here!

2) Tanya Burr

I also found Tanya through her YouTube channel, Tanya Burr. Tanya is a British blogger who makes videos and blogs posts on beauty, fashion, and baking. She's lovable and sweet, and drop-dead glamorous. She has a beauty line and a book called Love, Tanya, and a new one coming out called Tanya Bakes. I love her fashion sense too - she's a class A fashion icon!

Check out Tanya's blog by clicking here!

3) Anna SacconeJoly

Pictured with her son, Eduardo

Again, I found Anna through YouTube on her family daily vlogs, the SACCONEJOLYs. She is an Irish wife and mother living in England with her husband, two children, and 6 maltese doggies. I love Anna because she covers a variety of topics: beauty, fashion, food, life, fitness, and of course, 'mom' stuff! She's beautiful, and she has a zodiac jewelry line inspired by a necklace that belonged to her father. 

Check out Anna's blog by clicking here!

4) We Still Write in Cursive - Tahereh Mafi and Tana Gandhi

I found Tahereh and Tana's blog because I know Tahereh from reading her best-selling YA series, Shatter Me. Their blog just captured me - it was quirky and fun. Tana is an amazing photographer, and both women are creative and unique. Their blog posts range from fashion to DIY to colorful photoshoots! 

Check out Tahereh and Tana's blog by clicking here!

5) moon schooling eleanor - Kristen Mittler

I actually found Kristen's instagram (@oldjoy) from a post on Tumblr, and then I found her blog from there. (She also has the most adorable Snapchat - add her at kristenmittler) She is a stay-at-home mother of 3 living in Ohio, and her photos, posts, and snap stories are PRECIOUS. At 19, I shouldn't be thinking about having kids any time soon, but Kristen's posts make my heart fill with joy. And I'm not gonna lie, it makes me want babies, like, ASAP. 

Check out Kristen's blog by clicking here!

6) Caroline Calloway 

Now this one is a bit different. I have absolutely NO recollection of how I stumbled across Caroline, but all I know is that I'm glad I did. I'm not really sure if she's considered a legitimate blogger...I think "storyteller" is a better word. You see, Caroline began telling a story through her Instagram account. That's right. Instagram. And it's AMAZING. She's an American studying at Cambridge (Cambridge!) and guess what? SHE'S WRITING A BOOK. It's called And We Were Like, and if you want to hear about how that process is going, follow her on Snapchat (adventuregrams) for updates and Cambridge adventures. Caroline is an amazing and hilarious writer, and I can't wait to buy her book!

Check out Caroline's Instagram page to re-read her past and present adventures by clicking here, and don't forget to add her on Snapchat!

So, those are the bloggers who inspired me to start this blog! I hope you enjoyed, and I encourage you to check out my blogger role models! 

Thanks for reading, and leave a suggestion of your favorite blogger(s) in the comments below!


  1. I don't see my name up there, so I'll just pretend you accidentally left me out ;) Haha, just kidding! I have to agree with your love for Estee. She's one of my faves! xx

    1. Ahaha, yeah uh...I just totally forgot to add you! ;) Estee is bae. That's all I have to say.