Monday, January 18, 2016

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Changed My Life

I realize that I haven't posted in a while, but I've begun my second semester at school and we all know how motivation levels drop significantly when school is thrown back into the equation. Anyways, I'm back and that's all that matters! This evening I've prepared a blog post dedicated to the one and only...Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

Now, I wasn't a complete Kindle fan when I first got mine. In fact, my sister got hers before I did, and if I'm being totally honest with you  I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE resented her a little for it. I was a, "I like to feel the pages between my fingers, thank you very much" type of person. Not that anything's wrong with that - I was just so against this strange, new technology that wasn't a classic, concrete book that I didn't want to give it a chance. Then for my 16th birthday, my parents "surprised" me with a Kindle (and by "surprised" I mean they asked me if I wanted one and I agreed with an exasperated "suuuuuuuure" because my mom kept asking me what I wanted and I kept responding with "I dunno...").

The Kindle Paperwhite differs from the original Kindle because it has a backlight, which allows for SLEEPLESS NIGHTS DEVOURING YA NOVELS AND OTHER IMPOSSIBLE-TO-PUT-DOWN-BOOKS. Ahem. Anyways, that's just one of the many perks of the Kindle Paperwhite. The screen of the Paperwhite also prevents glare, (as with all Kindles) so reading in the sunlight is just as easy as reading at night. I also love it because if I come across a word I'm unfamiliar with, I can get the definition simply by tapping and holding that word. It's small, so it's easy to travel with, and light weight, so it's not a burden to carry around.

Aside from the practical uses of the magnificent Kindle Paperwhite, it also broadened my horizon as far as genre and style are concerned. I've always loved reading, but receiving a Kindle enabled me to read more books, more often.

Finally, a lot of amazing authors write e-books only, so there are a number of REALLY good books available through the Amazon Kindle bookstore and nowhere else. Another perk that comes with having a Kindle is that books are discounted. Since you aren't actually buying a hard copy, many of the books are 50% off, and you can even download some for free.

I hope I've provided you with ample information and enthusiasm about the Kindle Paperwhite and the wonders it has done for me these past three years. If you were on the fence about getting one, I'd say - GO FOR IT! It doesn't have to be a Paperwhite, but I would certainly recommend a Kindle to anyone who loves to read. 

You can get your Amazon Kindle by clicking here!

For my Kindle I have this case by Jonathan Adler. You can get it and other cute cases by clicking here!

If you do treat yourself or another avid reader to a Kindle, I'd recommend Lindsay Buroker's steam-punk fantasy series, The Emperor's Edge.

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