Monday, January 4, 2016

2015: A Year in Review

It's over. 2015. WHAT. There have been so many goings on this past year that I just I just I JUST NEED TO WRITE THEM DOWN OKAY? So, for the sake of my sanity and for the sake of keeping this blog afloat, I've decided to review my year with you!

The beginning of last year started pretty much the same as the beginning of this year - "WHAT IT'S 2015 HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!" I began the last half of my senior year of high school, which, to be honest, was pretty great. Our basketball team went to state, so I, being the mother of my friend group, drove myself and three others on a 4 hour road trip to Madison, Wisconsin which involved navigating a big city, cheering on high school basketball players, and shopping OBVI. *flips hair* 

2015 also brought the last opportunity for me to get all fancy and dance all night - that's right friends, we're talking PROM. I went with friends because WHO NEEDS BOYS AMMIRIGHT? I loved everything except my hair - that was $60 down the drain. Nevertheless, it was a fun night dancing with friends. That fun didn't last long, sad to say, when, come graduation party time, a giant wooden swing bench BROKE WHEN I WAS SITTING ON IT and, to make a long story short, I needed seven staples to hold my scalp together. Fun right? Eventually the staples came out and I was able to straighten my hair and wear my cap 2 weeks later as I walked the staged and received my high school diploma! Hooray for me!

After graduation, I traveled across the country to Portland, Oregon BY MYSELF FOR THE FIRST TIME to visit my godparents. It was a great, guys. Great. I don't travel a lot, so this was a fun trip, especially because I got to see my godparents who are also my aunt and uncle who I rarely see. We had a great time, and BONUS the weather was wonderful! I would definitely go back - the mountains were a refreshing and AMAZING change compared to the farmlands of good ol' northwest Wisconsin. Also, Rose Garden anyone? 

When I got home, I hit the road running with rehearsals for Grease as Frenchie at my local summer theater. What I was nervous about turned into one of the best theater experiences of my life. It was a great cast and a great time - I got to share this experience with my friends (and my cousin as my teenage angel) and I met a lot of great people too! We ran for two weeks straight, and while it was a lot of work, it was totally worth it. (And now I'm up for a nomination for best newcomer, NO BIG DEAL PEOPLE.) 

The rest of the summer consisted of me finally relaxing and soaking up what was left of my freedom. I spent about a week up at my cabin in northern Minnesota with my brother and my cousins and their families, ate a lot of ice cream, took a mini vacation to the North Shore with my family, and saw The Fiddler on the Roof, a cast made up of at least half of my extended family. Then, that fateful day arrived - I left home for college. During the first semester I learned that I hate sharing a room, I celebrated my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY, and I discovered how beneficial cars really are - and how frustrating it is NOT TO HAVE ONE AT SCHOOL. And now the first semester of college is over. And now 2015 is over. And now it's time to begin again, and look forward to what 2016 will bring.

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